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This blog is dedicated to show and change the looks of ridiculous female armors (and other outfits) that women tend to have in media; such as games and comics. The purpose is to show that over-sexualized women is not "empowering", but clearly offensive and ridiculous - not to mention it's also clearly out of context. We'll also show that their clothes could be greatly improved with a touch of common sense, equality and character. Feel free to submit!
Please take note that Tica, the creator of RHA, is currently on Hiatus.

The latest submission shows off some problematic armor, absolutely. But the submitter made some weird comments about the characters not having respect for themselves and having no shame, and that's not the problem with that armor at all! The problem is that the game's creators decided they should be treated as sexual objects, not that the characters are shameless or lack self-respect.

I was actually going to write that myself but I forgot and accidently let it slip. (I haven’t been sleeping well lately) I also don’t think it’s about self-respect or shamelessness, but it’s about the fact that they aren’t being treated like actual characters/people but as you said, sex objects. The only thing they seem to focus on is their “sexy parts” instead of focusing on their actual designs. It’s very disrespectful not only to women but for any viewer. It’s like saying “Hey, LOOK. BOOBS. BUTT. You wouldn’t care about this girl/game unless she had some, right?” They’re basically fap objects. They don’t want us to think about their backstory, personality and what not. Just the sexy parts. Sorry I forgot to write that!

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