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This blog is dedicated to show and change the looks of ridiculous female armors (and other outfits) that women tend to have in media; such as games and comics. The purpose is to show that over-sexualized women is not "empowering", but clearly offensive and ridiculous - not to mention it's also clearly out of context. We'll also show that their clothes could be greatly improved with a touch of common sense, equality and character. Feel free to submit!
Please take note that Tica, the creator of RHA, is currently on Hiatus.





Yes, it’s finally decided that there is going to be a contest, so if you’re interested; please continue reading!

What is the contest about?

It’s fairly simple; redesign one of Ria’s outfits shown in this post. There will be up to 10 winners. The price for the first winner will be getting requests from four artists and one poem! The winner will also be featured on Repair-Her-Armor! The rest of the winners will be getting one request from one artist each. The artists will be randomized - so you could be getting a price from anyone! 

The Artist List can be seen here. ♥


While the idea is simple enough, there are some guidelines and rules that need to be followed.

  • End date is August 1
  • Only one entry. This means you can only redesign one outfit.
  • What format your picture is doesn’t matter, but .jpg or .png is preferred.
  • You may submit your entry to RHA or my personal blog, but emailing me is much more recommended and preferred. This decreases the chance of tumblr eating up your submission. My email is repair.her.armor@gmail.com. Make the headline in something in the style of “Ria Contest” and  tell me your tumblr url, if you have any.
  • Make sure you let me know which outfit you redesigned.
  •  You can draw your own picture or use Ria’s doll base, it doesn’t matter.
  • The purpose is to give the outfit character and personality while still being logical battlegear. Her powerful character  should show trough without being hypersexualized, objectifying or illogical. Make it look like she’s really going into battle (in one way or another.) Create a complete design.
  • … With other words, keep the elements of the original design; but make the armor logical and empowering.
  • You may change her hairstyle (keep the color the same) and redesign the last one which I didn’t name. I like to call it “the Casual”. As for skin tone, she was originally meant to be tanned but my screen messed up the colors. But she could be like me; very pale or very dark depending on how sunny it is. :)
  • Yes, you may  change your mind about your picture and re-submit 

Good examples and tutorials can be found here:


That is all I can think of for now! If you have any questions or things I should add, let me know!

See which outfits are less popular


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