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This blog is dedicated to show and change the looks of ridiculous female armors (and other outfits) that women tend to have in media; such as games and comics. The purpose is to show that over-sexualized women is not "empowering", but clearly offensive and ridiculous - not to mention it's also clearly out of context. We'll also show that their clothes could be greatly improved with a touch of common sense, equality and character. Feel free to submit!
Please take note that Tica, the creator of RHA, is currently on Hiatus.

languray submitted:

The Chinese sandbox Kung-Fu MMO Age of Wushu has some of the best female clothes I’ve seen in any game, and is one of the few MMOs I actually prefer to play as a woman in!

(1 Wudang Suit) As you can see, basically the same, just with the Male version being a bit more complex.

(2 Beggars Suit) Likewise, with the lady suit being more simplistic but otherwise matching the male version in color, style, and even skin coverage! 

(3 Guard Set) Now the ladies come out on top! Guys get a very normal suit, while the ladies get fancy floral patterns, while still having the same amount of cloth!

(4 Paradise Valley Set) This is the worst that the School Armors get. Yes you have bared midriff and the sexy slit dress, but considering guys don’t get an whole shirt until max-rank, I think this school just hates clothes!

(5 Emei Suit) The Emei are the Female only school, as a counterpart to the Male-only Shaolin. Points off for being all pink and girly, but they are practical, stylish, and cover everything nicely, so I can’t complain!

(7 Guard Set) And here’s the best. Yes, the Female set actually has more armor than the male set. The Lady is more intimidating than the male version!

So, give it up to Age of Wushu for remembering that ladies can wear pants too!

I’ve actually listed Age of Wushu as one of my favorite designs here, and I must say I love these too!

I don’t mind the sexy outfit since it’s made with great care, and you can tell it’s well thought through designs rather than just “something naked and hawt”. There is nothing wrong with looking sexy, as long as you have the option to choose, which you clearly have! And as long as it’s equal too, of course. I suppose that could be better, but it’s still my personal opinion, I just don’t mind the female ones. As for the Emei, the all female, I don’t mind it being all pink either, so I wouldn’t give it minus points for that. Women clearly get a lot of color variation in this game, and having a theme of pink for their suit personally does not bother me, again, especially since you have the option to choose otherwise. I know many that adore that color, and there is nothing wrong with that!

On another note, I added some more sets, such as the all-male ones, Shaolin, after Emei! And the Tang Men Set, but only female were shown in this picture.

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